Retirement Income Planning

Sounds simple. But it’s not! There are many different factors to consider when planning your retirement. Social Security optimization, risk tolerances, taxes, and other sources of income are just a few. Your retirement income plan needs to fit your unique circumstances. We begin by understanding your needs and resources. Then we align them in a manner that gives you the confidence and clarity to live an inspired life.

Financial Planning

Of course, there’s more to consider than just retirement. Children or grandchildren’s education…  Evaluating a career change… Should you buy that vacation home? What if something happens to you? Whatever is on your mind, we can evaluate and show you the trade-offs for any decision you need to make.

Asset Management

At the heart of executing your plan, lies the performance of your assets. We deploy an investment process that is flexible to your preferences and customizable to your needs. We help you understand your risk tolerance and risk needs, then build specific benchmarks to help you evaluate how we’re doing. We also implement a dynamic overlay to ensure that unforeseen events don’t take you out of your Element.

Legacy Planning

You’ve lived well. You’ve made wise financial decisions. Now you want to ensure you make a lasting impact for your loved ones and the causes that you hold dear. We help you understand your current plan and evaluate it against your desired outcomes. Are there risks that could erode what you’ve built? If changes are required, we develop the framework to assist you and your other trusted advisors in executing a new plan, one that will endow your legacy.