Jeremy Nelson



I had a wonderful opportunity early in my career to play an instrumental leadership role in the growth and development of a small firm. But as time went on and I had more and more success, I became increasingly dissatisfied. Balancing corporate objectives, employees, and other responsibilities pulled me away from what I loved, my clients. When I started Element, I knew I had to go back in time to a place when I was happy; a place where nothing mattered but my clients.

This desire to serve along with the rapidly-changing landscape within the financial services industry sent me to the whiteboard. I wanted to build a wealth management firm that I could be proud of, one that I would be a client of, and one that would allow other investment advisors the freedom to regain their passion to serve.

Ultimately, Element Wealth launched and adopted five core principles:

  • Clients come first
  • Leverage technology to create a better client experience and better results
  • Deliver transparency, both internally and externally with clients
  • Let the best ideas win
  • Be creative and flexible because every client is unique

The experience of launching Element Wealth has been liberating and beyond satisfying. The future is bright and I hope that you like what we’ve built.